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Com Chay ( Rice Crust) Com Chay ( Rice Crust) Com Chay ( Rice Crust) is a special dish of Ninh Binh. However it does not mean the burn rice at the bottom of the pot.
Gia Vien tiny shrimp sauce Gia Vien tiny shrimp sauce As a plain district. Gia Vien's locals have long been fond of making " mam tep ", which is processed from tiny shrimp.
Yen Mac fermented pork roll ( Nem Chua Yen Mac) Yen Mac fermented pork roll ( Nem Chua Yen Mac) Nem Chua has been made for such along time. The number of locals in Yen Mac who can make this kind of nem chua is not large because the work requires not only secret formule but also passion for the work.
Rare Goat - Ninh Binh Rare Goat - Ninh Binh Tai De or Rare goat is a specialty food in Ninh Binh. The limestone moutains of Hoa Lu are shelter of these free-ranging domestic goats( the wild moutain goat in Viet Nam, the serow capriconis sumatraensis is strictly protected and very rare ).
Lai Thanh wine Lai Thanh wine Lai Thanh is a rural area locating at the south pole of Kim Son district, which possesses various specialties like Tam Xoan rice, nep mua (mua sticky rice), nep hoa cau (areca sticky rice), etc.
Bai Dinh pagoda Bai Dinh pagoda Located in Gia Sinh commune, Gia Vien district, Bai Dinh is the biggest pagoda in Vietnam with an area of 700 hectares.
Hoa Lu ancient capital Hoa Lu ancient capital The ancient capital of Hoa Lu is the first capital of Vietnam in the tenth century. It is located in Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province. In 968, Dinh Bo Linh proclaimed himself emperor of Dai Co Viet (Great Viet) and established his capital at Hoa Lu Since then, until the last king of the dynasty of the past, it was the capital of the country for 42 years, 13 years under the Dinh (968-980) and 29 years under the previous (980-1009). Covering 400 hectares, Hoa Lu is a strong fortification erected by nature and man.
Phat Diem Cathedral Phat Diem Cathedral It lies 28 km East of Ninh Binh city, Phat Diem Stone Church was designed and constructed (1875 - 1899) by father Pedro Tran Luc. Phat Diem's architecture is a sucessful combination of oriental pagodas and Gothic Church, which comprises lake, atrium, cathedral, 4 chapels, stone church, man-made cave.... Remarkable, mother Maria's heart Church is called as Stone Church, because all its parts were made of stone: wall, beams, windowns, towers and columns, etc.
Kenh Ga Hot Spring Kenh Ga Hot Spring About 21km northeast of Ninh Binh, the hot spring is located in Kenh Ga floating village of Ga Kenh in Gia Thinh commune, Gia Vien District.
Van Long Natural Reserve Van Long Natural Reserve About 17km away from Ninh Binh to the Northwest. Van Long is the largest wetland Reserve covering an area of nearly 3000 hectares. Van Long is home to a rich fauna and flora, particularly, a habitat of the largest number of white-hipped langurs( Delacour's langur).....


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